Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Social Terrorism is Trending

Social Terrorism is Trending

Urban Dictionary Definition of Sheeple:
Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive abilities of their own.

30 years ago: Chain Letters “Send this letter to 7 friends within 5 days or else...! ,
10 years ago: Chain emails. Mail to at least 10 people or else...!
Today: RT, Share and LIKE or else...!

The sea is littered with floating continents of plastic waste material.
The world wide web is littered with cyber continents of feel-good quotes, self-help advice and spiritual flotsam.
All these bits and pieces of frou-frou debris( I won’t deign to call them information) are shared, retweeted and consumed voraciously. Some of these messages are about how to change your life and go for your dreams. Others are about how to love oneself or even thy neighbour.

All these messages convey an image of an enlightened, peace-loving, goal-oriented humanity full of awareness and living in a brave new world. Yet all these messages barely conceal the underlying threat: “ if you want to belong to the list of decent human beings then you must Like me, Share me and Retweet me”. Scratch the surface just a bit and you’ll be shocked by the staggering indifference and desensitization teeming beneath.

With the rise and rise of social networks a new brand of homo sapiens has emerged: The Digital Sheeple, A generation of compulsive “Likers”. For them the message itself holds little meaning. It’s about the war, the power (the Klout if you may) of the Likes. In this war the end justifies the means.
This photograph above explains a lot:

This message was on FB by one random mofo, Jdm Manuel L. It was captioned: “This girl deserves endless likes”.
Judging from the amount of shares and likes it received; respectively (137,903 and 2,760,474!) hordes of sheeple shared Manuel’s views. Yet upon closer examination these were some of the comments Manuel and others had written on the sidelines:

Jdm Manuel L: Follow me on twitter here so I can give you a shout out ( likes 997)
Frank Ocean: Who wants 2000+ friend requests?
1. SUBSCRIBE ME>Frank Ocean<
3. WANT YOUR FRIEND REQUESTS TO BLOW UP? C; {copy}  (likes 54)

So let me ask you this: How many people actually follow all the goody goody advice which the social networks are littered with? With facebook it’s even worse. A whole load of spiritual bull holyshit, tear-jerking sick kids, old ladies with even older cats, buddha squatting sleepily on some sidewalk and christ doing his S&M on a piece of plywood over and over again.

Seriously, who gives a shit???? I don’t mean this derogatively or rhetorically. This is a profoundly serious question. Who Really,Truly Cares?
You see?
This is why I can’t be bothered to care if you will forgive me or not for ignoring your birthday calendar- or Klout requests, refusing to accept your digital fruitbasket or invitations to join Sheep Farm. There are enough sheeple in the world today...
....myself included …...sometimes.