Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls Like Me

Girls like me

Girls like me,
always we survive um
Girls like me,
always make um to dry ground
How we do um?
You no wanna  know
Da methods we employ?
Curiousity kill da cat
Wat we be showin',
only wat you can take

Da wounded she-wolf
always she lick her pain alone.
Da bitta tears be like black blood
not bizness to any man.
So when you: Foul Taker! You Warrior, Coward-man
come steal dat thin' from her queenie-place
leave her small, dying in da dust
belly wound en smellin' foul,

You tink you be Mistah Winnah
You tink da Winnah, he take um all!
I tell you
you be so fuckin' mistaken
is oldest trick in da book.
Girls like me,
we be pussycats
nine lives always land on four feet

We wipe um tears
We calm um gnawsome pain
Wit steady soul, we pay um price
Da back always it strait
Da eyes be bold black pools
you beter no wan swim dem

Hey! Peace man, No worry bro!
No look-a-look back, jus'
go ya way
life a party; no?
It be a fuckin' bed of roses.

Yea, dat be da style
dat be da style of girls like me:
always en all time,
we be landin',
on two strong black feet,
ready to go.