Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who cares about Steve Jobs?

When Steve died, I was among the multitude that mourned his demise. As with the death of every notable person in history, his fans and foe gave and gave and gave his passing the most precious commodity of our times: ATTENTION.

Shortly after his death I discovered these pictures above. Yes, how painfully true. Why all this attention for one life and none for the unsung millions passing quietly in swarms everyday into the afterlife?

The answer is not blowing in the wind.

 The answer lies in our over-consumptive  society.
 Steve we love you because your technology created instruments that enhance and fuel our addiction and love for things.
Through your gifts to mankind, our aptitude for consuming and our discard-after-use mentality have grown to explosive heights.
We have learned to love things even more than we love people.

Poor Steve. Nobody is mourning you as a person. They are all mourning the loss of an icon. The god of material things. If you stayed a nobody and maybe had a job as a janitor at some obscure little company (Apple?), I wonder how many people would notice your passing.

Your intimi mourn the loss of a father, husband and friend.
The world mourns the loss of what you contibuted to her material wealth.

Everyday multitudes are dying because our love for things make us and our governments boggle up our priorities so that somewhere somehow, someone else pays the bills big time.
Unimportant people are dying everyday, because we USE them to dig up the right metals needed to create that newest version of yet another gadget which we looooove so much.

As Michael Jackson ironically put it when speaking up for the millions who somehow failed to get the chance to become mini Steve Jobses:

"All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us".

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  1. was steve zo poor? Apple is erg goed in werknemers in arme landen uitbuiten. Allemaal olv Jobs gebeurd. Zo'n heilige is de man niet...