Friday, March 4, 2011

Snowball Effect

Awhile ago, I wrote a guest blog for a company called 210th.
The title of my blog was Ode to the Booty Call
As the name already implies, this blog instigated a wave of interesting, positive reactions from both men and women all over the world. Till this, day I am still getting emails and new twitterazzi because of this blog.

In lieu of the intensity of these reactions, I decided to pursue this subject and have started writing a book on the subject of booty calling.
My approach is that modern booty calling is about intimacy between two people who know each other fairly well.
The Booty Call is a different thing all together from a classic One Night Stand; which is usually a one time thing where the parties involved are relative strangers. Modern booty calling has come a long way and in my opinion is evolving into an "act of friendship".

Right now, I am doing research on the subject and would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to anonimously share your thoughts, opinion and (past) experiences on the subject.

The more information I have, the sounder my book so please help me out by participating in my questionnaire but more importantly by, also sending the link of the questionnaire to all your friends.

To partake in the questionnaire klik on this link:

Here is an excerpt from the famous blog, where it all began: Ode to the Booty Call:

To say the least, I was excited and very honored to write this blog for 210th . Usually, in the days preceeding a blog, I allow the theme of my chosen subject to embed itself into my subconscious. This way, eating, breathing and dreaming this theme, I am able to write an excellent piece of work on the subject at hand.

This time however, the themes of 210th initially made me break out in a cold sweat: A high- class erotic online boutique for couples with love, attention, intimacy and communication as the elements geared towards bringing couples Closer Together.

Nothing wrong with the above except for the fact that I am a happy single. How can I, from my single girl's point of view, write a blog on a product aimed only at couples? How does it make me, a single person feel at the fact that these exclusive items are not really intended for people like me? Does not being in a relationship exclude us singles from intimacy and erotism?

Granted, when one has no relationship, erotism restricts itself to a solo adventure. Infact the most exciting man in my bed these days is my six year old son. His bedroom toys, a proud and motley collection of Toy Story characters.

Still all hope is not lost. Luckily in today's modern world there is an excellent alternative which allows singles to share and enjoy erotism and intimacy with someone else: The Booty Call.

Booty Calling refers to the act of (regular) sexual intimacy between two people who are not in love with- or in a relationship with one another. It is a mutual agreement between two autonomous individuals and above all, an act of friendship. It is far from perfect; I know, but when deployed under the right conditions, it can work perfectly.
The key word here is mutual. Booty calling is about having equal mutual interests and intentions in temporarily satisfying each other's intimate needs in a safe and respectful manner.

Genuine Booty calling is truly an act of friendship. It is about two people who are comfortable enough with one another even without sex. It is definately not about using someone or taking advantage of the other. The objectives of the booty call should be clear and concise to both parties at all times: Helping each other to fulfill a healthy need without unecessary complications and stopping without rancor when one party wants out.

The perfect Booty call is defined as...

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