Monday, January 25, 2010

The Water Babies: A theory of Evolution

One of the first books I ever read in my life was a very simplifed version of Charles Kingsley's old classic: The Water Babies. At 6 years of age, I was completely blown away by the ethereal magic, beauty and intrinsic wisdom of this book.
Since then, I have haboured a vague longing/ache for that perfect, deeply connected world beneath this one.(This feeling was recently resurrected after watching the movie Avatar. It doesn't get milder with the years and I've got it bad this time.)

What struck me was this excerpt from the backcover:

Charles Kingsley published The Water Babies in 1863, only a few years after Darwin's controversial The Origin of Species. Kingsley brilliantly adapted Darwin's theory of evolution for children, arguing that the survival of the species depends not on the condition of the body, but on the condition of the soul......

Imagine that even then, just after the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, that these deliberations were also entertained by individuals who believed that there was more to the survival of humanity than animal husbandry and the pedigree of one's bones and gristle.

Are there any of you out there who understand and share this ache of which I speak? Please share your views on this and let me know how you deal with being in this world but not of it.

Chinello Ifebigh
"If we build it, they will come".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Scratch the surface

It is amazing all that you can find when you take time now and then to scratch the surface.

When you scratch the surface you discover
that things are not as bad as they seem.
that a lot of emotion can hide behind a small action.
that there are more similarities than differences.
that the greatest beauty is often not seen at first glance.
that empty vessels make the most noise.
that fear comes in many disguises.
that salvation is found in the most unlikely places.
that the biggest limitations are self-imposed.
that the fear of success is sometimes greater than that of failure.
that I and the observer are one.
that letting go is also a way of holding on.
that you is just another word for me.
that control is an illusion.
that ego stands in the way of growth.
that love can expand beyond imagination.
that life never runs out of suprises.
that we take so much for granted.
that just when you think you've "got" it, you meet someone who shows you again how far you still have to go.
that the best is yet to come.

Just me here, scratching the surface.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is Monogamy = Monotony?

Seeing the ruckus and sensation this blog has caused and is still causing on ecademy, I have decided to post to here as well and see what happens:

With the complete awareness that what I am about to say now could be regarded as heresy and invoke the wrath of many; especially because it is coming from the lips of a woman,
I hereby proceed anyway to take the plunge:

I love walnut icecream. It is my absolute number one topper. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for this. Yet I also love trying out strawberry and lemon and vanilla and chocolate and basically any new flavour of ice cream that seems delicious to me. Does that make me love walnut less? No not at all! If anything, it makes me appreciate the very taste of walnut again when I eat it.

If I were to eat only walnut all the time would my love for it stay the same?
I think not. I would become bored with it because I know it through and through.
Very often we need the difference/contrast to recognize and keep seeing the beauty of number one.

Are you getting my drift?

Personally I think that we humans are not monogamous by nature and that this is okay. (I am not talking here about love, but sex.) I think that monogamy has a lot of advantages and makes things easy and clearer to some degree. Still I believe that it is more a social and cultural norm than a biological law.

I think that all too often relationships are made and broken by (lack of) monogamy. It makes me wonder:

Why do we make vows about things we can't keep?
Why do we break up when one party has sex outside of the relationship?
Since people do break up for these reasons, does that mean that a whole loving relationship has it's foundations on monogamy as the only condition?
Isn't there anything else besides sexual monogamy, that makes your relationship unique?
Why do we humanbeings need to possess and to overpossess everything: money, land, security,the other person (MY wife, MY Husband, MY Car..... ) all the time?
Why do we have all these rules based on fear?
Fear of not being special or number one or important ALL the time to someone else.

I see love as this wondrously huge power, something that stands distinctively aside from sex.
I see sex as a small part of love and as a biological necessity, like eating and sleeping and all that, in a healthy way.
I see promiscuity as a whole different thing all together. Promiscuity is when a healthy thing goes over the balance and becomes harmful to oneself. Like an eating disorder.

For me obviously sexual monogamy is not the most important aspect of a relationship. Faithfulness for me means having respect for me as a person, standing by me a person.
There is nothing sexual about these things.

If faithful is about sex then it's all a farce isn't it, when people have sex with others everyday in their minds.

I am curious about your opinions on this.