Monday, October 25, 2010


The options we have in life can be likened to a dinnertable buffet.

We all arrive with an empty plate.
We curiously proceed to fill our plates with this and that.

The Regulars are satisfied and pleasantly surprised with what they have chosen; occasionally they take more than they can eat ( sight and aroma can be deceptive: We choose that scrumptious-looking concoction that ends up tasting like rubber. Uuggghh!) and end up with leftovers and a slightly guilty feeling.

The Freebies a.k.a Feeding The Hungry Heart group pile their plates high,with more than they can swallow, force feed themselves anyway, ending up with heartburn, indigestion and obesity simply because they have a hunger food will not satisfy.

There is also an upgrade on this group:The Prof-Freebies a.k.a the Sharks.

For this group it is a question of the plate:
They didn't overfill their plate; the plates just happened to be too small. Their motto: If it's available, take it all.

The Save-it-for-a-rainyday group does the round with 2 plates simultaenously because for them a second round might be too late: they want to take some home for later. So they take a double portion in advance, secretly wrap it up in tissue where forgotten, it will fester and rot and end up thrown away in the trash.

For The Choosers it is more about choosing than eating. They try a little of everything and end up eating nothing.

The Fear-of-life group blanches at the sight of so many options and instantly loses appetite. These ones end up with a tiny side plate so that automatically their choices, if they make any, will be limited to fit the size of their plate.

The Old Faithfuls automatically choose the one thing they also eat everyday at home because this is all they know. Anything new is a potential danger.

The Snipers already know in advance what the best dish of the day is. They go for a calculated kill and clear it out instantly.

So what does this all say about the choices we make in life?
What does this say about our ability to make choices?
When do choices go from nutrition to indigestion?

When is enough, enough?


  1. Really and truly wonderful as always Chinello!!!

    If life is indeed a Buffet Chinello, how do we account for the minor differences we can bring to what is offered in the Buffet? Life can be likened to a Buffet yes, but that is as far as it can go...

    We know better than that , do we not my love?

    Love and light
    <3 :-) <3

  2. @kwest4truth:
    Indeed! Indeed!

    Thanks for your comments.

    Peace & Love,