Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes down the Rabbit hole is the safest place to be.

At first you fight descent.
Admitting to ones' self that one is involuntarily obeying the laws of gravity can be tough.
With disbelief comes resistance and an embarassing display of grasping at final straws.
At this point anything and everything will be done to gain foothold in the known but fast-dissapearing world. The unknown is still the enemy.

It is merely a question of time; before peaceful exhaustion arrives on ones' doorstep.
"Hi". He says. "I've come to stay with you awhile. Let's get aquainted".
Fighting this guy is not an option: Chances are, he's apt to stay shorter when he recieves royal treatment.

He reckons gently with me: If falling is inevitable, why not make it a free fall? Relax those muscles, loosen your limbs. Unclench those fists. Those eyes bulging in panic can be closed now in the freedom of submission.

From this detached plane I can finally look back on what I left behind: A mayhem of rules and prestige, of achievements and public opinion, of commitments and law & order, of ruthless ambition.
Of schedules, appointments, deadlines and projects. Of payments and fees. Outsmarting the foxes, outrunning the hares. Of two eyes in front and four eyes behind. Of contracts and big deals, meetings and connections. Late nights, faster life, multitasking and overachievement.
Of stepford wives,and fallen husbands, competition, broadcasting, bullshit and noisemaking.

Guess what?

Life in transition is at it's most exciting. Having no tomorrow or yesterday, the intensity of today burns supernova.
Detachment is another word for buoyant.

The biggest secret?

The rabbit hole is really Willy Wonka's elevator! Taking you any which way you want to go.

Down here, things are simple stupid. The warm darkness has an unmatched effervescence of it's own.
How heady-sweet the naked taste of this darkness when dangers and selfmade prisons have been left behind above.

Sometimes down the Rabbit hole is the safest place to be.