Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life is like Jumanji: A personal account of Purpose

At some point in life, we stand on the precipice of our own big bang moment. Thanks to the stoic support of my friend Jan Mulder, I have accepted the challenge to perform this life-saving act of utter vulnerability. Hence the blog below:

The wee hours of new year 2015 find me lying in bed, finally, after having attended some new years eve event. Beside me is someone whom I am yet to meet. Someone I respect and care deeply about.
We are lying nude under cool sheets. Spent, satisfied, complete. Drunken with intimacy and at ease with success. This one person and I have an unusual alliance. We are not man and wife or even partners in the traditional sense as this is a status quo which for us is entirely irrelevant.

We share a profound understanding and friendship that rises above societal norm. We do not own each other, yet are committed to one another on terms and values that hold true on an entirely different plane. We are catalysts to one another's success. Sparring partners in every way: A kick in the butt, a mirror, the muse. Sanctuary.
Our energies together is more than a culmination of our energies apart. Potent, highly inflammable and blazing away because we know that life is too short for mediocrity.

Unwittingly I have become the most unconventional speaker the Netherlands and beyond has known in a while. Unconventional because of the complex simplicity of my message. I have truly come home in myself. I show me as I am, without pretenses in all my painful awkwardness and god-given brilliance. Unconventional only because I have chosen to flee the safe but soul-numbing boredom of the herd. Talked about because I continue to question and perhaps provoke society's false moralism; because I am female and black and making waves as I go.

My approach is born from all the archetypes that I am: child, sinner, saint, goddess, nurturerer and sojourner all in one.
I have a higher mission, my raison d'ĂȘtre which I am fulfilling everyday. I inspire and motivate people to heal themselves and the planet by simply freeing their mind; to cast away this self imposed matrix to become the player and the game.

This is what they pay me for and at the end of the day, what could be more beautiful than to be rewarded for truly being oneself? Is living one's potential not the only worthwhile job we all have to do in this life? Better to be rewarded for this than to be paid Judas coins for lying to- and enslaving my soul. Denying one's brilliance and potential, is an entire lifetime wasted. A lifetime spent in the shadows. For man is the only life-form on this planet whose most difficult challenge is the one thing that comes natural to all the other species: Being one's brilliant self.

Financially I am comfortable, beyond my present imagination. I do not indulge over consumption as this is not who I am. Finally I am doing the things that really, really matter: Making a difference in the 1st 2nd and 3rd worlds. Helping to cure the world of it's hunger and of it's sickness. The material hunger and desperation of the 3rd world, the emotional impoverishment and existentialistic malaise of the 1st.
This is what others gladly ask of me to do through my talks and my writing.

This is where my grandmother's legacy has finally led me to.

My agenda is as filled as I choose. Money is a by-product, not a destination or enabler. The key lies not in the beating of the system but in dying within it in order to awaken.
My destination is that by merely shining, people become inspired to discard artificial boundaries, so as to live lives of value and embrace one another. I am Odjemba, a messenger, a bridge. Running from east to west; north to south, 1st world through 3rd world I am a bridge that many will cross and even more will follow as we all come to realize that this world, this agreement we call consciousness is but a playground for us, children at play.

On the early wings of 2015, lies sleeping, a self accomplished woman. Blessed with healthy, happy kids. Blessed with a thousand priceless experiences and many true friends all over the world. I will look back on today and smile at the fears, the insecurities, the apprehension and God knows what other ego-related complexes I entertain as I write this.

I will look back on that shy young woman that I knew so well, who, knowing the implications of what it would mean to step into the power of her own limelight, faltered momentarily. Hesitant as though waiting for some invisible cue. A cue that I, herself from the future, whisper now into her ear. Urging her to spread her wings and take flight. Urging her to take the plunge and to soar with the reassurance that every moment of her life has been building up for this one.

For to achieve one's full potential is always a leap of faith: We leap in the present, blindly trusting that inner compass, a voice we can no longer still; to guide us through the purgatory and into the places behind the smoke screen.
Knowing that life is like Jumanji: Always turning up no matter how far we fear- or run from it, forever urging us to cast the dice and play.

Chinello Ifebigh
Social Networks | Salon Facilitator | Storyteller | Odjemba
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