Monday, January 4, 2010

Scratch the surface

It is amazing all that you can find when you take time now and then to scratch the surface.

When you scratch the surface you discover
that things are not as bad as they seem.
that a lot of emotion can hide behind a small action.
that there are more similarities than differences.
that the greatest beauty is often not seen at first glance.
that empty vessels make the most noise.
that fear comes in many disguises.
that salvation is found in the most unlikely places.
that the biggest limitations are self-imposed.
that the fear of success is sometimes greater than that of failure.
that I and the observer are one.
that letting go is also a way of holding on.
that you is just another word for me.
that control is an illusion.
that ego stands in the way of growth.
that love can expand beyond imagination.
that life never runs out of suprises.
that we take so much for granted.
that just when you think you've "got" it, you meet someone who shows you again how far you still have to go.
that the best is yet to come.

Just me here, scratching the surface.


  1. That when you scratch my back I scrath yours!

  2. How true Chinello...!! Warm regards, Wim Beunderman