Saturday, October 24, 2009

Excerpts from The Messiah's Handbook

This entry is the first in a new series of Mini Blogs I will be presenting regularly. They are food for the soul that inspire me, clarify questions and uncertainties and generally get me intouch with myself again. I open the book: The Messiah's Handbook randomly and blog on whatever the page decrees.
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The only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.

I fully agree. Often compromise keeps me in my safety zone where I feel a false sense of control over issues. In cases like this I know exactly the kind of compromise that jeopardizes my dreams and the kind that is a healthy process along the way of realizing any dream. This differentiation is one I believe we are all capable of making effortlessly.
Compromise in this case makes us walk where we should fly, makes us mediocre when we could be gods. Compromising your dream is like using a flashlight and hiding your own natural light.
When a dream is compromised for safety, it dies; and a little piece of us dies with it. The only "remedy" for a persisitent dream is to take a deep breath and LEAP! Then miraculously, the safety net will appear.

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  1. I agree that compromising may cause one tonwalk when they could run, but ignoring a comprimse is in many cases is not saying that I don't dare to run but at this point in a given situation it allows me to continue walking as opossed to, maybe not being able to walk at all.

    We all have dreams and aspirations and for the most part I feel that we all try to attain the best we can. But sometimes circumstances prevail that we are not allowed to or can't fly for what ever reason and this does not mean we won't fly at a later time.

    I understand that some people will never fly and others fly all the time and others dream of flying and the rest are satisfied with being grounded. I guess compromise is relative to the situation at hand and the individuals state of mind and their leap of faith!