Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saying goodbye in style?

Having very recently had a brief encounter with death and still trying to come to terms with it; It seems these days that all I see around me are reminders of the lack of permanence of life.
A few days ago, I chanced upon a billboard advertisement. It was from a funeral company called Yarden. The advert read something to the effect of: Say goodbye in style, make your funeral a special occasion.
My initial reaction was irritation. This seemed to me another interesting way of making money by teaching fools how to desire a commodity that they don’t need. A funeral in style is like throwing an expensive party that you know for sure you’re not going to attend.
This got me thinking of my own demise and how best to dispose of my remains. Cremation is the No.1 method today. It is tidy, effective, cheap and entirely lacking in fussiness. The possible disadvantage(or advantage depending on how one views it) being that your family have no grave to visit if the need hits them.
As for me, I don’t really care for a funeral in style. What does it matter at all when you are not there to enjoy it? Are you doing it for the family so that they remember your funeral instead of the lifetime shared together?
If I have any say at all in the matter I would choose to be disposed of the way the old aboriginals did: Having attained a ripe old age and a feeling that my time on earth is approaching it’s end, I would throw a good bye party and invite all my loved ones to celebrate the times we shared together. Afterwards, I would be taken to a secluded place in the woods or desert or even a cave somewhere. There all alone, I would bring my spirit to a point of readiness, align my organs and then gently bid my heart to stop beating.
As I have been taking from this world from the moment I set foot in it, I wish after my death, to be entirely consumed by nature and wild life. The bigger animals can start the job and the littlest bacteria and fungi can finish it off. I wish to be able to nourish the earth as she has nourished me during my lifetime. My last wish is that my death would mean the continuity of life for other living things.
I would be most happy to know your views on this unusual subject: How do you wish to be disposed of?

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  1. Chinello darlin', your discussion is about death, which I feel has a naive and negative connotation, which has been created by people afraid of what they do not know. So, the real cure is knowing. Where does one begin? A few thousand years ago Socrates gave a simple answer, "Know Thyself". Consider for a moment the possibility that there is a place within yourself where our mortal bodies touch and are touched by the immortal. Certainly the lesson learned, by the experience of that place, is that death does not exist. So, what happens if dying does not exist? Obviously, the only option left is living, so when one passes from this existence, they are born into whatever is next. If each of us was to design a celebration of our life, then we would be best served celebrating the new birth.