Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exponential Times

Last week Thursday at the Ecademy offline meeting in Twente, The Netherlands, I saw a very thought provoking piece of Film which was part of Penny Power’s presentation. This film was called Did you know It contained a lot of impressive facts and figures that summarize the golf of human technological advancements and predictions for the future.
The acceleration of technology and it’s impact on our lives is outstanding. Clearly technology is gathering a tremendous amount of momentum and with it we are hurtling and evolving towards an extraordinarily advanced form of homo digitalis.
One small detail though that latched itself onto the periphery of my consciousness was the terminology used to refer to a period of time before the existence of Google as a search engine. This term was B.G: Before Google.
To me this was no casual use of words. There is a world of significance behind this term. This marks a the start of a new era, a change in the way mankind has recorded and compartmentalized history up till now. In the course of time mankind has gone from the prehistoric stone age to the historic dark& middle ages, up till more than 2000 A.D.
I believe that since we have arrived at the threshold of this new age. we are saying goodbye and welcome at the same time. we are done with documenting and categorizing our history with our old Gregorian B.C and A.D. More so, since the Mayan calendar also tells us that the end of this age truly is around the corner.
Behold, a new age is rising! The age of Virtual Intelligence and her machines.
Goodbye Before Christ and Anno Domini. Welcome B.G- Before Google and possibly, A.G- After Google.
Please share your thoughts with me on this.

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