Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Imagine...

One of the topics that has always intrigued and excited me is the classic: We Are Not Alone theory. What does the supernatural truly entail? Why has there been since the beginning of mankind; stories, myths, religions and unexplained phenomena all alluding to the existence of other intelligence besides ours? Who are we and what are we truly capable of? To what are we evolving and what is the source and nature of our intelligence?

Imagine with me here just for one moment, that there are parallel consciousnesses co- existing with ours. Imagine that they are existing consciousnesses so far advanced to levels that our human minds are totally incapable of fathoming. Imagine that for these consciousnesses or intelligence we are even lower than the dark ages. Imagine that it is this kind of consciousness that has been influencing the evolution of our human intelligence; whispering minute trails of information -carefully measured in the right dosage, into the streams of mankind's awareness thereby causing us to develop this way or that way.
Causing the discovery of fire, the building of the pyramids, the discovering of the wheel, the disappearance of the Mayans and today the development of the Information Technology.

Are things just exactly as they appear or is there much that lies beneath? Is it not so that science(especially quantum physics) and spirituality/esoterism are one and the same with only different approaches and jargon?
How is it that mediums like Derek Ogilvy are clearly in possession of "something" that the rest of us aren't? What exactly is that "something" and where's mine or yours? Why is this something not/no longer a part of the standard human intelligence package? It seems that we all(with a few exceptions here and there) have put a lid on our sixth sense; we feel we have one but don't really do much with it. For most of us it doesn't go beyond intuition.

Over the course of time mankind has had stories of inter dimensional activity ranging from UFOs and aliens to supernatural entities and paranormal activity.
Behind the scenes, our governments have been involved in various research regarding these matters.

One of the stories that have really fascinated me is that of The Philadelphia Project a.k.a Project Rainbow. For the benefit of the uninformed I will briefly explain:
This project started in the 1930's and carried out in 1943 was an experiment of the US Navy. The aim was to create a ship, (the USS Eldridge) that could not be detected by radar or magnetic mines. The project was based on the Unified Field theory that gravity and magnetism are connected. It is not clear if the principle objective of this experiment was successfully achieved. However, the project became (in)famous due to the horrific and dangerous mental and physical side effects incurred by the ship's crew. There are stories of the Freeze: People going into as state of invisibility where they were incapable of moving and communicating with others for a period of time, a state of being which was psychologically damaging to the people. ( A freeze that lasted more than 2 days resulted in permanent stark raving insanity) There were also stories of people walking through walls and disappearing into thin air or people stuck in a time warp or a state of timelessness. By far the most visibly horrifying stories were those of inter material fusion: Whereby physical matter changed and people who became physically fused with the floor or the ship's hull and railing as one being! Needless to say, most of the crew members died from the results of The Philadelphia Experiment and the few survivors ended up with an extremely high PSI factor and permanent insanity.

Wow what a story!

This all makes me wonder what the hell there really is out there and What the Bleep do we know??!
What is the true source and meaning of our fantasies? How innocent and truly random are our fantasies that lead to the existence of stories on extra terrestrials,or the entire Star Trek and X Men ideology? Are these not echoes and whisperings from our alien family far off; seemingly playfully seducing us with these entertaining thoughts but actually sending data into our consciousness and thereby influencing our evolution?
How can we know for sure that reality as we all perceive it now is really "real" ?

As a child I drove myself crazy with this mind boggling question and to my satisfaction and distress, the movie The Matrix came out a few years ago and raised the reality question again: Is this all real and does it matter if it is real or not? I mean, just look at how we enjoy all those virtual reality lives today on the Internet.

In my quest for understanding and answers I have come across many possible streams for understanding the meaning of consciousness. I have studied the shaman way of Castaneda and Malidoma Somé and I have happily nosed into scientific books and reports of secret and controversial experiments.
I was awed by the von Neuman's Montauk Experiment of mind and inter dimensional travel where he successfully linked the human mind with a computer and twice opened up a time vortex to the past. Through his experiments he also claimed that it is possible to manifest matter purely and directly through mind power. (like God in the bible: "the word was made flesh".....)

I am sorry that I may be boring you with all this scientific vomiting; clearly it is a passion of mine.:-)
Somehow we are growing in technical and artificial intelligence at a truly amazing pace but what about the natural intelligence of nature? What about phi ratio and the(until now) natural order of things, which mankind seems to be rapidly destroying? Is this destruction also part of the process?
Are we gravitating back to the big bang(if ever there was one)?

But again, imagine, just imagine!!!.....
Imagine what is truly happening "out there"! Imagine where we are heading to! Imagine what we could be/are capable of! Imagine all those eons of untapped and unleashed information. Imagine that our bodies, that this consciousness as we know it is but a vehicle taking us to the source of all things! Imagine that there are parallel existences where up to 10 of one individual exist simultaneously. Not copies or clones but 10 of me and you here and now at the same time!
( read that again and appreciate the full impact of it).

Right now, I would love to meet the great Stephen Hawking and enjoy a mind-massage from him! But for now I will settle with interacting with fellow "travellers" who have enjoyed this blog and want to discuss and share information on this subject.

Make yourself known!

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  1. Chinello!

    Loved this! Very thought provoking. I struggle with this a lot. I move to and fro between think that we think these things and create them ourselves out of superstition and that there is much more than we can know and likely is something(s) much bigger than us out there. I'm not sure I've settled on one, but I really appreciate you putting it out there as food for thought.


  2. I appreciate this lecture- Its open, & provoking self analyse.

    Freddy (Ecademy)

  3. Amazing! I am very familiar with that story and it has always fascinated me... what an excellent entry. I'm sure many, like me, will be truly thought provoked by it. Really enjoyed reading all the other entries too! X