Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If life gives you a lemon....

Sometimes we invariably find ourselves in regrettable situations. Still, I will always be the first one to say that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

Today a very talented and artistic good friend and client of mine involuntarily started work as a "voluntary" aid, an administrative assistant within a performance art company. His situation was a peculiar and private one. There was nothing truly voluntary about it; the truth was actually that he was compelled by the government forces-that-be to spend 6 months of his time doing soul-deadening work in the form of communty service or pay a substantial fine.
The first interview boardered on disaster because try as he might, he could not hide the fact that he was a radical, pioneer, leader and visionary, that he dreaded having to do what he was forced to do and that he would rather spend his time exploring, challenging and creating new company policy than filing away old documents.The 2nd and final interview was crucial because he had to convince himself and the company director that there was something good in the situation for both of them.
However before he left for the interview, I presented him with a challenge:
I asked him to make lemonade. I challenged him to go into a situation he loathed and to come out as the winner.
Come out with something great; no consolation prizes or secondrated feel-good bullshit trophies. No, he had to come out with the bounty itself. By way of tools, I told him about Ecademy and What's for Dinner and I used the simple adage that every disadvantage has it's advantage(s)and sent him off.

And boy, did he win!

He won not by humbly agreeing to do what was expected of him (in that case any moron would do) or because he hid his genius and kissed ass.
He won by opening himself to the true power of networking. The bounty for him lay in the fact he disovered that opportunity knocks on all doors when you listen.
He suddenly realised that it was entirely up to him to either spend 6 months of his life archiving old documents or spend 6 months telling his story, sharing his passion and by doing this build a strong and valuable network for those things in his life that matter.

I guess he made lemonade.


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