Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Gift of Dialogue

What are your discussions about? How often do you engage another in dialogue?
Humanity in all it's beauty and peculiarity is an all-time favourite of mine.
The beauty of dialogue is not to convince the other to depart from his views by deploying tricks and expounding facts and figures.
The true value of dialogue lies in self exploration. Why is my standpoint A as opposed to B? What does this teach me about who I am? How far am I willing to go to explore the principles of B? Will I loose A along the way? If this is a possibilty, is this a bad thing?

Am I wearing my standpoint A as a loose comfortable jacket which I am free to adjust or even discard along the way as I traverse or have I dissapeared entirely within A?

Dialogue is a way of getting to know two people: the other and myself. The Other, to whom I am most grateful, is my mirror and my boundary lines. Thanks to her I am engaged in a continual process of getting to know myself.
Thanks to her, it is so much clearer to see where I stand and where I could go. It is so much clearer to see why I stand where I stand and to know that everystep along the way is my responsiblity to decide whether I choose to be a fundamentalist; (one who is not willing to explore B simply because the fear of losing who she is because of A ) or to be a conscious party in my own inevitable process of evolution.

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