Saturday, April 25, 2009

Torture Tape: What an Outrage!!!

View the link above for the main gist. I still can't get over the fact of this matter. It's not just the torture by Sjeik Issa who is clearly a very disturbed individual; but the fact that the police (possibly under duress) played a supporting role in the whole process.

The later comments of the police on this whole incidence is equally mystifying. ( saying that they followed the correct rules, policies and procedures!)

Now what really won the first prize for ruining my morning was the reaction of the dutch SPITS press who mentioned that there is a friendly relationship between Holland and the United Arab Emirates and that in 2007 at total of €1,9 billion eurowas made through export.

Which got me thinking: What on earth is the point of mentioning this? Where is the outrage?

Yes there was also some mention of the dutch minister of Foreign Affairs expressing his dissaproval of the incidence and saying that he hoped that the authorities in the UAE would take appropriate measures on this case.

Now that's really a hoot! " Appropriate measures" indeed!

Judging from the reaction of the local police over there, the nature of what exactly these appropriate measures would be doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Meanwhile here is the entire western world getting all hot and bothered about the Somalian Piracy issue while wealthy old sjeik Issa, friend of the dutch royal family (and possibly other international political and royal hotshots) is having himself a field day and getting away with it.

I guess justice 'don't live here anymore'.

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  1. The atrocities that you clearly define in this particular article should have lead to some comments. Apparently you were right in your assumption when you indicated that actually no one cares, except for the family of the tortured man. People in general tend to turn away from that which is not close to home, their home. Only when it strikes them, like twin towers in the US do they then react.

    We as a people generally do nothing and will continue to do nothing as long as it doesn't interfere with our daily lives. When there is a shooting at a school that our children attend, then we cry out. But when a whole country is being murdered through genocide we tend not to notice. I guess the best example of this is the second world war. We new the jews were being exterminated, but till it reached our doors we convieniently dismissed it. That in itself says a lot about a people.