Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The spectacular Kick-off

I finally did it!
Finally took the time and the hassle to start up my blog. So much to say! Where to start??
Actually I should be in bed right now. I keep promising myself everymorning when I wake up tired and pissed at myself for making it such a long evening and a short night for the umpteenth time, that this has to stop.
Yet being an evening person as I am, I sit and hang around the PC or read that book till the wee hours of the morning.
I guess I just enjoy the peace and quiet of the late night hours. Sitting up alone and letting my thoughts run their course. Wondering what to put and what not to put on my blog, wondering how far one can go; Playing with the idea of privacy as opposed to publicity.
100 years ago a blog ( or a journal as it was then) was a private affair a sanctuary to commit your thoughts, a private confessional.
Nowadays it's something to share with all and sundry.
How things change.