Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Musical Chairs: One of life's lessons?

The excerpt below Is from The book: A Fraction of the whole by Steven Tolz
I find his analogy very interesting and wondered how many of you like me, share(d) the same views or memories on this particular childhood horror.

Please share your memoirs on the things you disliked and LIKED about childhood.

The life lessons never stop at a children's party.
The music blares.You never know when it's going to stop.
You're on the edge the whole game; the tension is unbearable.
Everyone dances in a circle around the ring of chairs but it's no happy dance.
Everyone has his eyes on the mother over by the radio, her hand poised on the volume control.
Now and then a child wrongly anticipates her, he dives for a chair. He's shouted at.
he jumps off the seat again. He's a wreck. The music plays on.
The children's faces are contorted in terror. No one wants to be excluded.
The mother taunts the chidren by pretending to reach for the volume.
The children wish she were dead.

The game is an analogy for life: there are not enough chairs or good times to go around, not enough food, not enough joy, nor beds nor laughs nor friends nor smiles nor money nor clean air to breathe... and yet the music goes on.

Monday, December 21, 2009

What is your new year's resolution?

My new year's resolution is to get physically fit again. I have actually started following through as I commenced running again this month. I enjoy being out there on my own, quieting my busy mind and "feeling" my body again. Things suddenly got nasty last week when the ice-age arrived and brought with it my old white enemy: Mister Snow.
Mister Snow and I have respectfully kept out of each other's territory. He knowing that an African in a cold climate is complicated and me knowing to keep out of his way.

When the old guy turned up big time a few days ago and decided to throw a party, I was at first astounded. I am ashamed to say that he gave me a good licking and I stayed indoors for days nursing my easily frostbitten appendages and seething from within.
Luckily today the primal call in my bones egging me to go out and move was too strong to ignore. So this evening I marched resolutely into the snow storm for a showdown with the old enemy.

And what a beautiful world of shrouded silence I encountered! The air crisp and pure and intoxicating. I was expecting that my toes would roll over and die within minutes as they usually do but for the first time in all my 15 years of cold climate survival, nothing happened!
Never mind the teenagers whose evening fun was sealed as they watched me almost scale the nearest tree, half dead from the shock of their illicit fireworks.
Today I overcame myself and made a new friend: "Me and Mister Snow ieez like 2 peas in a pod now";-)

So tell me, What self-imposed limitations are you going to give a licking come 2010?

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Social Networking Handbook :The power of Randomness and Serendipity

The power of The Random and Serendipity.
In business and networking I still meet business people who tell me that they don’t do business beyond a certain city or regional limit. Or that they never connect online with people they don’t know.
This form of shortsightedness never ceases to amaze me. It always leads me to asking these questions which I believe are essential to all businesspeople:
Do I want success? Do I want to excel in what I do? Do I want to be well known for what I do? Do I want Profit?
Am I in a network so that others besides myself can gain from it?Do I add value to my network? Is the success of others also important to me? Can I connect 2 people to one another without expecting any form of gain?
The 2nd group of questions are not usually answered within 1 second.
Business people who understand that networking is not about what’s in it for me also understand that there’s value in the helping others. They also understand the power of weak ties, random contacts and serendipity. This means that the best chances are often hidden in the folds of coincidence and in those contacts we make and pass on to others. Though you may not need my services or products, and we may be separated by a yawning geographical distance; there are always secondary connections which we can pass on.
Connecting others may not bring you instant financial gratification but you have added value and value leads to (more) social credits and new opportunities. The beauty of value is that it grows cumulatively in ripples that reflect back to you.
The point of the matter is: We should think further than the length of our nose. Think in terms of long term profits.
Refraining from connecting because the other doesn’t operate in your local area or isn’t in your line of immediate interest only limits your possibilities. The larger your network the more possibilities and the more you have to offer to - and receive from others. Serendipity is about coincidentally finding treasure in the least expected way. Coincidence increases the more your surrender to the power of randomness. It doesn’t cost much effort to open up to the unknown. Every encounter carries with it the seeds of opportunity. Look differently, look longer, but please keep looking.

De Kracht van Willekeur en Serendipiteit
Vaak kom ik ondernemers tegen die heel resoluut dingen zeggen als: Onder /boven de Ijssel, het Alkmaardemeer, de Afsluitdijk, het Ij, mijn achtertuin doe ik geen zaken en hoef ik dus geen mensen vanuit buiten die gebieden te leren kennen.
Hetzelfde verhaal hoor ik ook online: mensen die ik niet ken accepteer ik niet binnen mijn netwerk. Dit soort kortzichtigheid verbaast me telkens. Het brengt me altijd terug op een aantal basale vragen die gelden voor alle ondernemers:
Willen we succes?Willen we excelleren in wat we doen? Willen wij goed bekend staan voor wat we doen ? Willen we omzet/winst?
Ben ik aan het netwerken zodat anderen behalve mezelf er ook beter van worden? Voeg ik waarde toe aan mijn netwerk? Vind ik het succes van een andere ook belangrijk?Kan ik twee mensen in mijn netwerk bij elkaar brengen ook als er voor mij geen geld te verdienen valt?Is mijn doel bij netwerken puur het kijken naar wat er voor mij te halen valt?
Bij de 2e groep vragen begint het “hmmm” en “even denken hoor” vaak op te spelen.
Ondernemers die degelijk beseffen dat een netwerk niet alleen bedoeld is om er zelf alleen beter van te worden beseffen ook dat er een weelde aan waarde zit in het blij maken van anderen door ze te helpen. Ze begrijpen de kracht van de zwakke contacten, het willekeur en serendipiteit . Dit houdt in dat de schatten vaak verborgen zitten in toeval en in de contacten die je weer via via opdoe/doorgeef. Wellicht heb je niets aan mijn diensten/product en omdat ik in (Ik zeg maar wat) Rotterdam zit en jij in Enkhuizen, er niet veel kans is dat wij wat met elkaar kunnen doen. Toch zijn er vast mensen in mijn netwerk die blij kunnen zijn met jouw diensten of andersom en ik kan jullie beide een plezier doen.
Er is geen instant winst voor mij maar ik heb wel waarde gecreëerd; en het mooie van waarde, is dat het resoneert verder dan je neus lang is en neemt cumulatief toe. Ergo: toename aan social credits en nieuwe kansen.
De clue is al verklapt jongens: Handel niet alleen uit eigen (korte termijn) belangen. Iemand weren van mijn netwerk omdat ik alleen lokaal bezig wil zijn of omdat het geen bekende is van mij werkt uiteindelijk beperkend. Hoe groter jouw netwerk hoe meer mogelijkheden voor jezelf en hoe meer waarde je te bieden hebt. Hoe meer waarde je aan jouw netwerk biedt, des te meer waarde je ontvangt. Serendipiteit heeft te maken met het vinden van de schat via het minst verwachte manier: toeval. Toeval neemt toe op het moment dat jij je overgeeft aan de kracht van het willekeur. Het kost geen moeite om je open te stellen voor de onbekende. In elke ontmoeting schuilt er altijd kansen. kijk anders, kijk verder, blijf kijken.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cutting the Crap and Getting to the point

Yes I'd like to cut the crap and get to the point. I'd like to peel of the layers of the onion and dicover the wizard of Oz.
To be honest all I truly want is to be part of a world, a collaboration, a people who truy care and support one another. All I truly want is to be of service to others and myself by being and doing that one thing that makes me truly happy, that one thing that makes me sparkle.

Tell me how simple can it get???? Yet we all at some point in life get lost along the way and wind up with selling bullshit to others and especially to ourselves.

So today I will cut the Crap and just do it.

(Or am I now selling for a famous shoemaker?????)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you a Networker or a Socializer?

The Networker vs. The Contact person

In this day and age where the importance of networking for doing business has become breaking news, we see that networking has been elevated to a trend status. Everyone is, one way or another into networking now and everyone gives a resounding YES when asked if they network.

Still It is worth mentioning that within the world of networking there seems to networking and Networking. I have observed that there is a significant difference between these 2 groups. There are the networkers-minor; those individuals who are networking because everyone else is doing it and they have heard that networking is the thing to do. These are the ones who very often make impersonal and scantily- clad profiles on online communities and then disappear. These are the ones who go to an offline event- never alone, always in the company of someone they know, to make a public display by talking to only the people they know. These are the ones who collect business cards and store them in the bottom left corner of their desk drawer and then forget about them. ( I will not handle the network bullies in this blog for they are altogether a different breed .)
These Socializers (often women) are at most, contact persons. Their pseudo-networking often has no depth, genuine interest or follow up and they are only there at most, to preen their feathers. While there's nothing wrong with socializing; the thing is that today, socializing alone without the effective use of social media as facilitator is no longer enough for the business person to leverage networking and create opportunities. Socializing alone and the Old Boys Clubs belong to the old style networking.

The real networkers on the other hand never stop. Here again I must make a distinction between Modern Networkers who "get" the knack of networking and make social media work for them and the rarer, enigmatic Naturalborn Networkers.
The latter see opportunity in every encounter, even in a brief conversation with a taxi driver. They are not aggressive in their approach or overly boisterous. They have a genuine curiosity towards other people and they never loose the childhood gift of Wonder. These are an unusual breed of people with a truly extraordinary knack of effortlessly making friends and acquaintances, building connections and keeping these contacts alive somehow.
These are the people that Malcolm Gladwell referred to in his book The Tipping Point as the Connectors. These are the ones who "live it", with or with out social media.

Which shoe fits you?

Chinello Ifebigh
"If we build it, they will come".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Excerpts from The Messiah's Handbook

This entry is the first in a new series of Mini Blogs I will be presenting regularly. They are food for the soul that inspire me, clarify questions and uncertainties and generally get me intouch with myself again. I open the book: The Messiah's Handbook randomly and blog on whatever the page decrees.
Let me know your views on this entry and remember to click my blog and pass it on to others if you find it a valuable link.

The only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.

I fully agree. Often compromise keeps me in my safety zone where I feel a false sense of control over issues. In cases like this I know exactly the kind of compromise that jeopardizes my dreams and the kind that is a healthy process along the way of realizing any dream. This differentiation is one I believe we are all capable of making effortlessly.
Compromise in this case makes us walk where we should fly, makes us mediocre when we could be gods. Compromising your dream is like using a flashlight and hiding your own natural light.
When a dream is compromised for safety, it dies; and a little piece of us dies with it. The only "remedy" for a persisitent dream is to take a deep breath and LEAP! Then miraculously, the safety net will appear.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Women On Waves

There are no pretty ways to describe the range of thoughts and emotions going through me now as I write. Tuesday evening found me in Amsterdam at the Opzij Magazine award for the most Powerful Woman in The Netherlands. Big event? Yes. Great networking ? Yes, but not my reason for being there.
The matter at hand and the reason I left my enormously pressing workload and family was to support a cause I believe in. I went to publicly give my support to Rebecca Gomperts and Women On Waves, the famous abortion ship, by allowing myself to be photographed wearing a T-Shirt Captioned : I had an Abortion. This in order to support Women On Waves, a non-profit human rights organization who fights for the prevention of unplanned/unwanted pregnancies and the eradication of dangerous illegal abortions in countries where abortion is still illegal. She does this by sailing ( on invitation from womens organizations in these countries)with a group of activists and doctors to these countries to share knowledge, provide information, moral and medical support(no surgical procedures are ever carried out) and the abortion pill (+97% effective and safe)to women in need.
As we speak, women especially in the 3rd world are dying every 8 minutes due to complications arising from illegal unsafe abortions. This is usually the case for the poor and uneducated women and girls who get pregnant from rape, incest, lack of knowledge about- and the means to afford- proper contraceptives.

So Holland being a country known for her political emancipation, I expected to witness a strong turn up of sisters to support this cause. To my surprise the turn up totalled only 5 women; delegated to a secret little corner it seemed, to do our “dirty little job” while the other 200+ women were busy toasting the most powerful women in Holland. My surprise was quickly replaced by a mental power point changing slowly and repeatedly from DISBELIEF to ANGER and DISGUST at the hypocrisy and lack of balls I was witnessing. Coming from an African country where abortion is still a taboo, illegal, not to mention life-threatening; I feel that this cause is about going beyond ones' self(read privacy)for a greater good. I, a survivor of illegal early teenage abortions that almost cost me my life, felt that the time had arrived to cast all vestiges of shame and false privacy aside and make a stand to support this dire plight.

Surely, we owe it to those girls and women dying every 8 minutes to support a campaign that would provide knowledge and information as to how to avoid pregnancies and where to find help in cases of unwanted pregnancies?
I am deeply disappointed by the betrayal I witnessed today by the massive head-in-the-sand action shown by the women. I know that at least 1 in every 20 women has had an abortion.
Determined not to throw in the towel, I drew the attention of all the women I spoke to while networking to the area in the large hall sectioned off for the abortion photo. They all shook their heads and vaguely mumbled something about taboos and privacy. Finally burning with icy heat and on a silent war-path, I brought the issue up to the editor-in chief of the feminist magazine hosting this event. Why was there no official acknowledgement of the I had an Abortion campaign this evening? Out of bored politeness, she explained that she hadn’t thought of publicly mentioning it. Hastily adding that she could perfectly understand that women would want to be discreet about this ….blah blah blah, she extricated herself in record breaking time from our conversation.
I am asking all women, mothers, daughters and sisters living in countries where abortion is legal, safe and a luxury to tell me in God’s name how privacy can prevent us from making a stand? What on earth have we got to be ashamed of? What have we got to loose? What about those desperate lives we could be saving every 8 minutes if we were but to cast our false shame or privacy aside and realize that this is about something much bigger than our pathetic little egos?
How luxurious it is indeed to have privacy when multitudes don’t even have a choice. How can we speak of privacy when we over here have nothing to loose? Loosing face counts only if you allow it. Women where I come from could be stoned and lynched and threatened for doing what I did this evening. Women in some countries would be excommunicated, alienated and even killed for doing this simple thing I did today.
Every 8 minutes somewhere on this planet a sister dies a wretched, lonely and painful death because we, her better-off sisters heard her plea, considered aaaaaaaalllllll of that precious f**king commodity called privacy that we could loose. We turned the other way, toasted the powerful and the mighty and picked at our cuticles instead.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saying goodbye in style?

Having very recently had a brief encounter with death and still trying to come to terms with it; It seems these days that all I see around me are reminders of the lack of permanence of life.
A few days ago, I chanced upon a billboard advertisement. It was from a funeral company called Yarden. The advert read something to the effect of: Say goodbye in style, make your funeral a special occasion.
My initial reaction was irritation. This seemed to me another interesting way of making money by teaching fools how to desire a commodity that they don’t need. A funeral in style is like throwing an expensive party that you know for sure you’re not going to attend.
This got me thinking of my own demise and how best to dispose of my remains. Cremation is the No.1 method today. It is tidy, effective, cheap and entirely lacking in fussiness. The possible disadvantage(or advantage depending on how one views it) being that your family have no grave to visit if the need hits them.
As for me, I don’t really care for a funeral in style. What does it matter at all when you are not there to enjoy it? Are you doing it for the family so that they remember your funeral instead of the lifetime shared together?
If I have any say at all in the matter I would choose to be disposed of the way the old aboriginals did: Having attained a ripe old age and a feeling that my time on earth is approaching it’s end, I would throw a good bye party and invite all my loved ones to celebrate the times we shared together. Afterwards, I would be taken to a secluded place in the woods or desert or even a cave somewhere. There all alone, I would bring my spirit to a point of readiness, align my organs and then gently bid my heart to stop beating.
As I have been taking from this world from the moment I set foot in it, I wish after my death, to be entirely consumed by nature and wild life. The bigger animals can start the job and the littlest bacteria and fungi can finish it off. I wish to be able to nourish the earth as she has nourished me during my lifetime. My last wish is that my death would mean the continuity of life for other living things.
I would be most happy to know your views on this unusual subject: How do you wish to be disposed of?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exponential Times

Last week Thursday at the Ecademy offline meeting in Twente, The Netherlands, I saw a very thought provoking piece of Film which was part of Penny Power’s presentation. This film was called Did you know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpEnFwiqdx8 It contained a lot of impressive facts and figures that summarize the golf of human technological advancements and predictions for the future.
The acceleration of technology and it’s impact on our lives is outstanding. Clearly technology is gathering a tremendous amount of momentum and with it we are hurtling and evolving towards an extraordinarily advanced form of homo digitalis.
One small detail though that latched itself onto the periphery of my consciousness was the terminology used to refer to a period of time before the existence of Google as a search engine. This term was B.G: Before Google.
To me this was no casual use of words. There is a world of significance behind this term. This marks a the start of a new era, a change in the way mankind has recorded and compartmentalized history up till now. In the course of time mankind has gone from the prehistoric stone age to the historic dark& middle ages, up till more than 2000 A.D.
I believe that since we have arrived at the threshold of this new age. we are saying goodbye and welcome at the same time. we are done with documenting and categorizing our history with our old Gregorian B.C and A.D. More so, since the Mayan calendar also tells us that the end of this age truly is around the corner.
Behold, a new age is rising! The age of Virtual Intelligence and her machines.
Goodbye Before Christ and Anno Domini. Welcome B.G- Before Google and possibly, A.G- After Google.
Please share your thoughts with me on this.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ecademy Zaanstreek's Credo

Ecademy Zaanstreeks Golden Rules for Life and Networking

I found this beautiful piece of work from a beautiful gem of a book called ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN and I have decided that the beautiful simple wisdom of the words below perfectly portray my views on networking which I wish to uphold and express on ecademy (Zaanstreek) and also my views on life in general. So I'll quote the author, Robert Fulghum:

"All I really need to know about how to live I learned in kindergarten.
Wisdom was was not at the top of the graduate-school mountain, but there
in the sandpile at sunday school. These are the things I learned:

>Share everything.
Play fair.
Don't hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don't take things that aren't yours.
Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
Live a balanced life- learn some and think some,
and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and
work everyday some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world,
watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.
be aware of wonder."

Isn't this heart breakingly beautiful?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saving Fish From Drowning

A Pious man once explained to his followers:
It is evil to take lives and noble to save them. Each day I pledge to save a hundred lives. I drop my net into the lake and scoop out a hundred fishes. I place the fishes on the Bank where they flop flop and twirl. 'Don't be scared', I tell those fishes. 'I am saving you from drowning'. Soon enough the fishes grow calm and lie still. Yet, sad to say, I am always too late. The fish expire. And because it is evil to waste anything, I take those dead fishes to the market and I sell them for a good price. With the money I receive, I buy more nets so I can save more fishes.

Awhile ago, I visited a network event mostly filled with people who where thinking about starting up a business. The entrepreneurs among us there were in the minority and we were given the opportunity to make a brief pitch on our products and services.
The next day I was approached by one of the seasoned entrepreneurs who had been present at the event. She called me she said, regarding a great proposition concerning her new services/product. I spoke out my assumption that her proposition was about the possibilities of exploring a joint venture.
'Oh no', she laughed; there was no question of partnership, she was of the opinion that I was in dire need of her services and was here to avert disaster and save me from my impending business demise.
At first I was taken aback by what I was hearing. Being a somewhat seasoned, albeit street-wise business woman( I have been buying and selling since I was 16 years old)I wondered what I had possibly miss-communicated the day before in my presentation to give her the impression that I was a perfect candidate for her holy crusade.
Still, I politely thanked her and carefully explained that I had no use for her services.
To my utter surprise and misplaced embarrassment, she spent the next 15 minutes in an impassioned declaration of her glorified services and how they would save me. This good and selfless person wanted so badly to rescue my business and save me, a fish in the water, from drowning. She instinctively possessed the talent of knowing that I needed help and that her services were the life-buoy thrown out to me in the business sea to save me forever and ever, Amen.

In the course of my life I have had multiple such experiences. I have been beleaguered by guardian angels of all sorts who without even getting to know me, possessed an amazing 6Th sense that enabled them to determine that I needed saving for my own good.
In business every now and then, I have encountered these smart business persons whose style of approach was noise and broadcasting and the distribution of free hypochondria. This as opposed to genuine personal interest, respect, permission marketing, listening and engagement on an equal level.

Ecademy's Penny Power once likened networking to moving to a new town. If you are new and want to meet new people, you could go to the pub where the locals hangout. The logical thing to do would be to take a seat at the bar and try to quietly orient yourself in your new surroundings by first observing. Then you proceed to buying yourself a drink and perhaps a drink for the person sitting beside you. Their acceptance of your "gift" is usually the permission granted to enter their personal space and engage them in conversation. It is only after you are satisfactorily familiar with one another that your steer towards exploring the possibilities of joint ventures to create mutual benefits.
Yes it is always mutual because we both gain something, financial, material or otherwise. It always has to be mutual because this is what upholds honour.

Not many newcomers barge into a bar, hone down on you and insist that they are the answer to your prayers before the thought of praying ever crossed your mind. Such types, when they do arise, often end up being firmly "escorted" out of the premises.

I wonder if all those business people with their false philanthropy are aware that forcing your services on others by way of broadcasting and labeling them with your own invented business malaise is another word for spamming?
Are they aware of the fact that they are insulting one's intelligence by this and that claiming to be the saviour and solution to one's non-existing problems is downright tasteless, pathetic, short-sighted not to mention rude?

I believe that I shall include a new service to my existing business services; a service aimed at teaching business Samaritans the basic principles and the social rules of the game.

I believe I shall call this service
Saving self-appointed messiahs from business suicide. ;-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Imagine...

One of the topics that has always intrigued and excited me is the classic: We Are Not Alone theory. What does the supernatural truly entail? Why has there been since the beginning of mankind; stories, myths, religions and unexplained phenomena all alluding to the existence of other intelligence besides ours? Who are we and what are we truly capable of? To what are we evolving and what is the source and nature of our intelligence?

Imagine with me here just for one moment, that there are parallel consciousnesses co- existing with ours. Imagine that they are existing consciousnesses so far advanced to levels that our human minds are totally incapable of fathoming. Imagine that for these consciousnesses or intelligence we are even lower than the dark ages. Imagine that it is this kind of consciousness that has been influencing the evolution of our human intelligence; whispering minute trails of information -carefully measured in the right dosage, into the streams of mankind's awareness thereby causing us to develop this way or that way.
Causing the discovery of fire, the building of the pyramids, the discovering of the wheel, the disappearance of the Mayans and today the development of the Information Technology.

Are things just exactly as they appear or is there much that lies beneath? Is it not so that science(especially quantum physics) and spirituality/esoterism are one and the same with only different approaches and jargon?
How is it that mediums like Derek Ogilvy are clearly in possession of "something" that the rest of us aren't? What exactly is that "something" and where's mine or yours? Why is this something not/no longer a part of the standard human intelligence package? It seems that we all(with a few exceptions here and there) have put a lid on our sixth sense; we feel we have one but don't really do much with it. For most of us it doesn't go beyond intuition.

Over the course of time mankind has had stories of inter dimensional activity ranging from UFOs and aliens to supernatural entities and paranormal activity.
Behind the scenes, our governments have been involved in various research regarding these matters.

One of the stories that have really fascinated me is that of The Philadelphia Project a.k.a Project Rainbow. For the benefit of the uninformed I will briefly explain:
This project started in the 1930's and carried out in 1943 was an experiment of the US Navy. The aim was to create a ship, (the USS Eldridge) that could not be detected by radar or magnetic mines. The project was based on the Unified Field theory that gravity and magnetism are connected. It is not clear if the principle objective of this experiment was successfully achieved. However, the project became (in)famous due to the horrific and dangerous mental and physical side effects incurred by the ship's crew. There are stories of the Freeze: People going into as state of invisibility where they were incapable of moving and communicating with others for a period of time, a state of being which was psychologically damaging to the people. ( A freeze that lasted more than 2 days resulted in permanent stark raving insanity) There were also stories of people walking through walls and disappearing into thin air or people stuck in a time warp or a state of timelessness. By far the most visibly horrifying stories were those of inter material fusion: Whereby physical matter changed and people who became physically fused with the floor or the ship's hull and railing as one being! Needless to say, most of the crew members died from the results of The Philadelphia Experiment and the few survivors ended up with an extremely high PSI factor and permanent insanity.

Wow what a story!

This all makes me wonder what the hell there really is out there and What the Bleep do we know??!
What is the true source and meaning of our fantasies? How innocent and truly random are our fantasies that lead to the existence of stories on extra terrestrials,or the entire Star Trek and X Men ideology? Are these not echoes and whisperings from our alien family far off; seemingly playfully seducing us with these entertaining thoughts but actually sending data into our consciousness and thereby influencing our evolution?
How can we know for sure that reality as we all perceive it now is really "real" ?

As a child I drove myself crazy with this mind boggling question and to my satisfaction and distress, the movie The Matrix came out a few years ago and raised the reality question again: Is this all real and does it matter if it is real or not? I mean, just look at how we enjoy all those virtual reality lives today on the Internet.

In my quest for understanding and answers I have come across many possible streams for understanding the meaning of consciousness. I have studied the shaman way of Castaneda and Malidoma Somé and I have happily nosed into scientific books and reports of secret and controversial experiments.
I was awed by the von Neuman's Montauk Experiment of mind and inter dimensional travel where he successfully linked the human mind with a computer and twice opened up a time vortex to the past. Through his experiments he also claimed that it is possible to manifest matter purely and directly through mind power. (like God in the bible: "the word was made flesh".....)

I am sorry that I may be boring you with all this scientific vomiting; clearly it is a passion of mine.:-)
Somehow we are growing in technical and artificial intelligence at a truly amazing pace but what about the natural intelligence of nature? What about phi ratio and the(until now) natural order of things, which mankind seems to be rapidly destroying? Is this destruction also part of the process?
Are we gravitating back to the big bang(if ever there was one)?

But again, imagine, just imagine!!!.....
Imagine what is truly happening "out there"! Imagine where we are heading to! Imagine what we could be/are capable of! Imagine all those eons of untapped and unleashed information. Imagine that our bodies, that this consciousness as we know it is but a vehicle taking us to the source of all things! Imagine that there are parallel existences where up to 10 of one individual exist simultaneously. Not copies or clones but 10 of me and you here and now at the same time!
( read that again and appreciate the full impact of it).

Right now, I would love to meet the great Stephen Hawking and enjoy a mind-massage from him! But for now I will settle with interacting with fellow "travellers" who have enjoyed this blog and want to discuss and share information on this subject.

Make yourself known!

( There were simply to many URL's with info on the names and terms mentioned on this blog to make links. You will have to look them all up yourself).

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm walking on sunshine
claiming, as
I go along, my
little piece of heaven.
Divine providence,
sweet laughter of the gods
is my yellow brick road
where all movement
becomes dance.
Light feet follow
this new touch-me rythmn
now is endless, infinite and absolute.
Cradled in completeness,
a flower, closed now and potent
but rushing, rushing
inexorably towards bloom.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The female Libido

The human female sexual libido is allegedly far lesser than that of the male. So they tell us. Women are the ones who always have a headache, or are dead tired from a whole day of taking care of the kids, running a household, holding a job, blah blah blah, just name it.
At the end of the day she is usually too numb with exhaustion to even think about any form of sexual intercourse, not to talk of actually carrying out the act itself.
Man's world tells us that men, poor men, are the ones walking around with tons of unexpressed sexual energy weighing them down since they hardly have enough outlet for their massive libidos.
This is how life is in the everyday world.

These days I have been crossing paths with a growing number of women who clearly are not of this world. Women like myself who have more than enough of that goody goody stuff called libido to go around. Women like my friends who are clearly deeply "at home" in their bodies, who know how to connect to their own inner rhythm and ride on the waves of sexual energy. Women like us who have learned to harness this energy and deploy it in the very act of everyday living. Women who know what they want, who know how to enjoy, who are not afraid to truly claim the right to enjoy.
Women like this are an answer to every man's dreams right?

Ehhhhmm .... Houston, we have a problem.

As unbelievable as this may seem, recent "studies" have proved quite the contrary. It seems that a woman with a huge libido is not the answer to every mans' prayers because her amazingly generous libido may very well be of such proportions as to surpass his own; And believe me in the man's world this is not a good thing.

Where does this all leave him after he has given 2 or 3 rounds of his very best only to hear her say "and now ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin!"?

It might seem like fun in the beginning but after awhile the unease begins to set in as he starts to feel that the roles have been switched.
As one of my girlfriend aptly noted; a woman's libido is like a water tap, you open it and it just keeps running. A man's libido on the other hand, is like a balloon. You can only "blow" it (no pun intended) to it's fullest capacity which you discover when- and because it bursts.
The sense of unease on man's part is unfortunately unnecessarily coupled with a sense of inadequacy on his part; which is strange because if the roles were reversed, there are not many women who feel inadequate when they tell their partner for the umpteenth time they would prefer to get some sleep.
Somehow most men when they reach this point cannot shrug their shoulders like women do in reversed roles and just accept things as they are. Instead they try for a while to match her pace, then when this fails, and their sense of unease increases, they are at a loss: Society never really prepared them for situations like this. If he, the almighty hunter becomes aware that her sexual prowess has exceeded his, where does this then leave him?
What is wrong with him? No, what is wrong with her? Why does she have to be the one to rock the boat; to change the natural god-given order of things?

It is at this point that names like slut, nympho and oversexed come in to stay. She is not viewed as normal any longer but as a freak of nature. The light of his libido actually seems to pale and diminish because of the power of hers.

What a shame that we live in a world where man's libido serves as the status quo.
Where to want it more than he does is just not done; where it seems to me that men so desperately need to be perceived as the ones with the larger libido, that when confronted with the absurdity of this myth they choose to feel threatened and treat her as unnatural.

What exactly is the origin of this fear?

As a very self knowing woman once said: There's a little bit of hooker in every woman; a little bit of hooker and a little bit of god.

So guys, please, get over it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Gift of Dialogue

What are your discussions about? How often do you engage another in dialogue?
Humanity in all it's beauty and peculiarity is an all-time favourite of mine.
The beauty of dialogue is not to convince the other to depart from his views by deploying tricks and expounding facts and figures.
The true value of dialogue lies in self exploration. Why is my standpoint A as opposed to B? What does this teach me about who I am? How far am I willing to go to explore the principles of B? Will I loose A along the way? If this is a possibilty, is this a bad thing?

Am I wearing my standpoint A as a loose comfortable jacket which I am free to adjust or even discard along the way as I traverse or have I dissapeared entirely within A?

Dialogue is a way of getting to know two people: the other and myself. The Other, to whom I am most grateful, is my mirror and my boundary lines. Thanks to her I am engaged in a continual process of getting to know myself.
Thanks to her, it is so much clearer to see where I stand and where I could go. It is so much clearer to see why I stand where I stand and to know that everystep along the way is my responsiblity to decide whether I choose to be a fundamentalist; (one who is not willing to explore B simply because the fear of losing who she is because of A ) or to be a conscious party in my own inevitable process of evolution.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If life gives you a lemon....

Sometimes we invariably find ourselves in regrettable situations. Still, I will always be the first one to say that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

Today a very talented and artistic good friend and client of mine involuntarily started work as a "voluntary" aid, an administrative assistant within a performance art company. His situation was a peculiar and private one. There was nothing truly voluntary about it; the truth was actually that he was compelled by the government forces-that-be to spend 6 months of his time doing soul-deadening work in the form of communty service or pay a substantial fine.
The first interview boardered on disaster because try as he might, he could not hide the fact that he was a radical, pioneer, leader and visionary, that he dreaded having to do what he was forced to do and that he would rather spend his time exploring, challenging and creating new company policy than filing away old documents.The 2nd and final interview was crucial because he had to convince himself and the company director that there was something good in the situation for both of them.
However before he left for the interview, I presented him with a challenge:
I asked him to make lemonade. I challenged him to go into a situation he loathed and to come out as the winner.
Come out with something great; no consolation prizes or secondrated feel-good bullshit trophies. No, he had to come out with the bounty itself. By way of tools, I told him about Ecademy and What's for Dinner and I used the simple adage that every disadvantage has it's advantage(s)and sent him off.

And boy, did he win!

He won not by humbly agreeing to do what was expected of him (in that case any moron would do) or because he hid his genius and kissed ass.
He won by opening himself to the true power of networking. The bounty for him lay in the fact he disovered that opportunity knocks on all doors when you listen.
He suddenly realised that it was entirely up to him to either spend 6 months of his life archiving old documents or spend 6 months telling his story, sharing his passion and by doing this build a strong and valuable network for those things in his life that matter.

I guess he made lemonade.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's for Dinner!

Recently My partner and I started a club Ecademy Zaanstreek, which is a sub group of Ecademy, the online international social business club. I have learnt a lot and have had loads of fun through Ecademy and the books of Seth Godin and I’m still learning everyday.
We are true believers of the power of networking, the power of social media, the principles of winning by sharing and power of the Purple Cow
We have taken the concept of social networking one step further wih our platform: What's for Dinner! The concept is perfectly simple: We have tested and discovered that when strangers get together to share a meal within the safety, warmth and familiarity of a homey environment, something amazing usually happens.
What’s for Dinner! actually functions as a leverage, facilitating offline social networking. The very nature of the setting expedites and enhances the building of long-lasting strongly connected networks as people somehow tend to let their guard down easier like this. This, as opposed to networking á la Old Style where people circled and approached each other like sharks, in their stuffy self important masks, wielding and peddling their business cards like trophies and deluding themselves as they wasted precious time.
Here, the foods is a really delicious 3 course, healthy, slow and soul food and the exciting part is that at the end, you get to decide the value of the meal and evening and reward us accordingly.
One might wonder how on earth I came upon an idea like this. Well my only true answer is that as an african, meals and mealtimes have always played a special role in community(building). Sharing meals is like a social thermometer, a traditional way of coming together, showing your strenghts and vulnerability, a way for kids to adopt social skills like taking others into consideration and learning that the survival of all depends on the support of all. (In the villages families usually eat from one bowl together.)
During these meals, friendships and alliances are reinforced, dissonances are laid to rest, strangers are shown courtesy and accorded a warm welcome; winning through sharing becomes apparent when everyone realises that by just eating enough and not more, all bellies get filled.

The adults tactfully refrain after awhile so that the little ones to who need the nutrients harder, can eat and grow. This concept can be transffered to business networks: Welcome the stranger, share what you have and give the Up-and-coming an honest chance to enable them grow.
This is what we do with What's for Dinner!
There is an African saying: I am, because we are.

For me networking has become more than just a way of life. Through What’s for dinner! we are doing what we do best and along the way, our savvy new business called Natural Born Networkers just created itself. We do it all by using social media and the purple cow for the evolution of networking.
….and we’re loving it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

On Friendship

If you can survive 11 days in cramped quarters with a friend and come out laughing, your friendship is the real deal.
OPRAH WINFREY, O Magazine, Aug. 2006

Have no friends not equal to yourself.
CONFUCIUS, The Wisdom of Confucius
Even the utmost good-will and harmony and practical kindness are not sufficient for Friendship, for Friends do not live in harmony merely, as some say, but in melody. We do not wish for Friends to feed and clothe our bodies--neighbors are kind enough for that--but to do the like office to our spirits.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Quote of the day

If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and dont be afraid... and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else.

Joseph Campbell ~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Food for thought

It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Never allow anyone to rain on your parade and thus cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. Remember that no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character, are required to set up in the fault-finding business. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it. Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy. Guard your fragile life carefully. Only God can shape a flower, but any foolish child can pull it to pieces.
Og Mandino

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Quote of the day

Free QuotesManifest Destiny Now ...Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, gift, or skill. It will make or break a company...a church...a home.The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our attitudes.
- Charles Swindoll

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes, I feel like a Motherless Child

Every year on the 4th of may Holland wraps herself in a thick blanket of silence. She reflects inwards to the past, to the world wars all these years gone by and she feels the cold embrace of sorrow wrap itself like shredded seaweed around her heart.

She is enshrouded in loss and so she mourns deeply for the sons of her womb now lost forever.
There is an official ceremony to commemorate this loss; and everyyear wreaths and flowers are laid down at the foot of the monument .

The queen, the mother of the nation, speeks to the people. She speeks of their lost husbands, sons and fathers. She speaks of their courage and bravery and valour. She speaks of the sacrifice of their lives for the wellbeing and continued exisitence of the Motherland.

Yes, Holland does not forget her fallen soldiers.Year after year on this day, she will bow her head and gnash her teeth and clutch her bosom in pain.To honour the lost sons of the land, she has even set up a monument in honour of the Unknown Soldier.

This is a mother's love at it's fiercest. Who dares stand between?

WE Dare!!

We the daughters you have ignored and forgotten. The daughters who in our own way fought alongside your sons. We the daughters who also selflessly gave our pound of flesh time after time for the good of the nation.
We were there all along in different shapes and sizes holding the fort at home when our men were gone and keeping the faith alive back home. We were there in the hearts of the men there on the battlefields, as beacons of hope, spurring them to go on; one step after the other. We hugged their spirits and warmed their minds as we whispered in their ears during their brief respite of sleep saying "come back safe, come back whole, come back to me". A fair share of us walked the edge in the resisitance, smuggled behind enemy lines to pendle back and forth, playing Russian Roulette with a smile on our faces.
Now the great wars are gone and we are left now only with memories of our loss. Mother Holland cries for her boys but fails to hear the lament of her daughters. "There are also casualties here" we shout, "Can you not see our pain? " We also are victims of war and doubly so, victims of the sons who raped and plundered and dishonoured and ruined.
The dead soldiers are mourned and the living came home as heroes. The daughters were publicly shamed, shaved and spat upon for sleeping with the enemy; our sorry offspring forever the bitter rejects of the Motherland. There is no mention of our bravery or of our courage or our valour. There is no monument for us, the female soldiers of the great wars.

There is no solitary monument standing proud, decked with garlands on the 4th of May; to mark the quiet life and passing of the Unknown Raped Woman. There is no 2 minutes of silence to hear the quiet songs of the sacrifices we made.

Sometimes, I feel like a motherless child....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not All That Wander Are Lost

This old phrase happened to catch my attention a couple of days ago and since then has latched itself onto my subconscious, strutting around and demanding attention. So I've given up fighting its presence. I've turned on the stage lights, given it a soap box, taken a back seat and said, 'Come on, show us what you got'.
So Join me, relax and enjoy the show.

I would be only fair to start by telling you how I rediscovered this line; or better still, how it found me. Well on the 30Th of April, a dutch public holiday with all our kids safely ensconced in the abodes of their other parents, Jer and I decided to treat ourselves to a movie:
Somewhere in the heat of the action, Wolverine bursts out butt naked and tears across the screen seeking shelter in a seemingly deserted barn. Nothing had prepared me for the unexpected pleasure of seeing my hero in the full glory of his birthday suit. However I was given no time to wallow in this unexpected delight because something else, something small caught my eye and attention: It was the image of a small car bumper sticker like the one above; attached to the car of an old couple who had appeared on the scene.
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe there was a pun intended here. I believe that there is a line to be drawn between that sticker and Wolverine, a naked man, origins unknown, dashing from the past into an uncertain future in the middle of nowhere. A Wanderer yes, but not lost. Perhaps a man with a purpose.

Any intended pun here was certainly not wasted on me or I wouldn't be writing this now. As you can see this little statement got to me alright. It embedded itself into my psyche, making itself not just your regular food for thought but a royal banquet. All thoughts and fantasies on Wolverine's glorious behind were effortlessly abandoned as I focused entirely on what I had just read.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

As fate usually has it with these types of things, the days that followed found me held under a siege of some sorts and constantly bombarded by images, thoughts and writings that reminded me of this one statement. I turned the words over and over like a smooth pebble in my mouth and made tracks and parallels connecting them with my life and the lives of some people I know.
When is one a wanderer and when is one a lost soul? What makes a wanderer deviate from his yellow brick road and disintegrate into a million lost pieces? And how does a lost soul find his way back again to the path? How do things, fallen apart, become whole again?
In all ancient cultures the wanderer archetype has always been represented in many ways. Take Hermes for example the messenger of the gods in the Western mythology. I will not to go into western mythology here since you all are probably quite familiar with it having all followed willingly or not, a formal education based on western cultures, ways and history.
My preference lies in the exploration of the lesser travelled roads. Consequently I choose now to briefy explore the Wanderer archetype from another perspective.
The wanderer I realized, has many faces. He is also the Nomad, the Seeker, the Vagabond and even the Exiled.
He is one who embarks at first on a seemingly ordinary quest until along the way something happens. His path is crossed by something divine and his quest takes on a different nature. It inadvertently becomes a conscious and personal search for the truth, the origin of things and a fundamental search for oneself.

Living this life makes us all wanderers. Walking the paths we choose to take, this inner path like Siddhartha's will ultimately lead to our purpose in life, self fulfillment or even enlightenment. Time and time again we get lost and deviate from the path. We become the Lost Soul as we engage in all practises of self delusion and destruction settling for the false safety of the imitation instead of the real thing. For some the journey is more about being lost than wandering for others it is vice versa.
Currently My partner Jer is furiously walking the wanderer's path and with his permission I will shed a light on a portion of his journey.
Jer is going through a process of some sorts that drives him from moments of ecstatic clarity and childlike purity to hellish confusion, frustration and futility.
He is the Rip van Winkel of his own life's script who has finally woken up from an enchanted sleep only to realise that he has been living in the Matrix all this time. Whilst having fun and enjoying the hollow successes of the false world, he unknowingly lost touch with his inner self, his true goals, his sense of community and his purpose of being.
It is no surprise that on waking up, the realisation of all this, plunged Jer into a sea of despair and What-Nows.
I applaud him now first and foremost for his awakening. The first step on the Wanderer's journey is awakening from the mirage and owning up to reality. This is usually the most painful part of the journey as high levels of shocked despair and hopelessness can send one tumbling right back into the false familiarity of the mirage.
Jer, never one to back down from a challenge has picked himself up and has proceeded on his journey down the rabbit hole. The fact that it is a journey fraught with obstacles reflects on the number of times he has changed his profile on ecademy, as his process of self rediscovery progresses and purpose struggles to be reborn.
Jer has grown weary of superficial business contacts and empty connections. He is looking to connect on a deeper level with people who carry the potential for a genuine connection. A connection whereby both parties would feeling a certain spark connecting them both.
This makes me want to ask you all : What are your views on community and connections? What are you actually prepared to give of yourself and what do you expect from the other person?
Please feel free to air and share.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Torture Tape: What an Outrage!!!


View the link above for the main gist. I still can't get over the fact of this matter. It's not just the torture by Sjeik Issa who is clearly a very disturbed individual; but the fact that the police (possibly under duress) played a supporting role in the whole process.

The later comments of the police on this whole incidence is equally mystifying. ( saying that they followed the correct rules, policies and procedures!)

Now what really won the first prize for ruining my morning was the reaction of the dutch SPITS press who mentioned that there is a friendly relationship between Holland and the United Arab Emirates and that in 2007 at total of €1,9 billion eurowas made through export.

Which got me thinking: What on earth is the point of mentioning this? Where is the outrage?

Yes there was also some mention of the dutch minister of Foreign Affairs expressing his dissaproval of the incidence and saying that he hoped that the authorities in the UAE would take appropriate measures on this case.

Now that's really a hoot! " Appropriate measures" indeed!

Judging from the reaction of the local police over there, the nature of what exactly these appropriate measures would be doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Meanwhile here is the entire western world getting all hot and bothered about the Somalian Piracy issue while wealthy old sjeik Issa, friend of the dutch royal family (and possibly other international political and royal hotshots) is having himself a field day and getting away with it.

I guess justice 'don't live here anymore'.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Als Africaanse in het rijke Westen wordt ik altijd zo... (een soort van) verlamd als dit soort gebeurtenissen ter sprake komen. Het lijkt alsof men denkt dat er één juiste oplossing is; of dat het om een linneaire aanpak vraagt. Ik ken de klappen van de armoede zweep als geen ander en het woord "overleven" is toch echt anders daar als hier in het Westen. Het zit zo ingewikkeld in elkaar..... Natuurlijk zijn de Piraten geen brave huisvaders die even van 9 to 5 hun oog lappen op doen.Het gaat er kei hard aan toe want ze schuwen geen extreme middelen om hun klussen te klaren. Wat hun motivaties ook mogen zijn, het zijn geen lievertjes. Als men het puur vanuit de overlevings standpunt bekijkt, is het voor hun "eat or be eaten". De uitzichtloosheid is echt niet te vatten in de westerse wereld. Als je sociaal, maatschappelijk en economisch gezien zo laag bij de grond - of misschien wel een laagje onder de grond als de drek van de samenleving zit, komt er op een gegeven moment een bepaald soort nihilisme over je heen. Hoe gek het ook misschien klinkt, is dit een manier om enige macht of zeggenschap te hebben over jouw eigen leven en sterker nog over het leven van de allemachtige, alleshebbende Westeling. Als je vandaag dood gaat of opgepakt wordt, "who cares"? Wat heb je nog te verliezen als je nooit iets heb gehad? Hoe kan je kiezen tussen s..t en nog meer s..t?Ik heb hier geen oordeel over alle betrokken partijen en het zijn er veel, want mijns inziens, doet het er ook niet toe. Mijn deel is maar een poging om een tipje van de sluier te lichten over africaanse niveaus van Westerlingenhaat en collectieve intrinsieke waanhoop.Neem een aantal mannen daar die zo in het leven staan en neem dan een paar slimme Arabieren die ze een kans geven om een deuk te maken in het utopische Westen en zie dan wat een effect dat kan hebben. Ellende trekt altijd ellende aan: Misery loves company.Het oorsprong van dit allemaal reikt veel een veel verder terug dan bij een "dode" regering, of een zee vol westerse nuclear afval stoffen, of uitbuiterij van de eigen rijke landgenoten. Er zijn wereldwijd zware fouten gemaakt en dit is uit eindelijk een gevolg daar van. De zichtbare en onzichtbare piraten moeten inderdaad worden berecht want het zijn echt geen zielige mannen. Het zou ook fijn zijn als er ook de moeite genomen wordt om helemal terug of zijdelings ( zoals ik al eerder zei, het hoeft niet linneaire te zijn) naar de bron te gaan en daar ook duurzame veranderingen aan te brengen. Hier vrees ik dat het een stuk lastiger gaat worden op het moment dat het (misschien) blijkt dat het westen toch niet altijd kosher is geweest in haar handelingen en intenties.Dit doet me zo denken aan de film BABEL van Bradd Pitt en Kate Blanchett. Een klassieke geval van what happens when the worlds of the Haves andthe Have-Nots meet one another. Uiteindelijk is iedereen een slachtoffer; maar waar vallen de klappen van de zweep het hardst?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


As my sister Adaora pointed out, there are some aspects of my blog that have been inhibiting you all from a more active participation. Take the language barrier for example.
When I started the blog I made a hasty mention to my non-dutch family, friends and aquaintainces about the meaning of the dutch words underneath the blog text.

As I said Grappig = Funny, Interessant = Interesting, Te gek = Totally amazing/out of it.

What I failed to mention was even more important: that Reacties plaatsen = Enter a comment and that Voorbeeld= Preview (of your comments).

Most important of all is that I failed to make it clear that somewhere halfway the page on the rightside is Volgers which means Followers!

Need I say more?


Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

Seriously I still have to figure out how to change all that to English because that works better for everyone.

Anyways, now that I've informed you all of how it all works, you have no excuses for not letting your "voices" be heard.
I am looking foward to our future interactions and meeting even more interesting people through all of you.

Adios for now

P.S: Adaa, Bedankt! = Thanks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Men In Black

Yesterday had me spending the whole day in Utrecht at a seminar for Entrepreneurs. This time it was the yearly Week van de Ondernemer. As it usually goes with these kinds of events, I couldn't help noticing the dourness of how the men were dressed. I don't know if this is a dutch thing but all these hundreds of men wore black suits.

If I hadn't know better I would have thought that I had accidentally fallen into an MIB secret convention; With all the blackness but little of the coolness and savvy displayed by Tommy Lee and Will.

Talking with Carolyn and Monique, 2 leading ladies who I met up and instantly hit it off with, we couldn't help commenting on this phenomenon.

Our conclusion was that people, and in this case these men, despite all their individual need to come across as the "succesful business man" still have an even stronger silent need to fit within the confines of safety and convention. As Explained in Seth Godin's new book TRIBES,

people need to lead and be lead.

People need to belong to groups.

People need to identify with a group.

People need to have their membership to their group visible and recognizable to others - group members and non-group members alike.

The whole mass of black-clothed brotherhood held a certain safety and feeling of belonging and ofcourse also exuded an aura of territorial protection and male potency which is probably why no guy was wearing a tan linnen suit.

Black is a colour that somehow hides flaws while denoting power, mystery and to some extent danger.

A man in a tan coloured suit, certainly amongst his blacksuited brothers would probably come across as approachable, unprotected and ultimately weaker than the rest.

Now what guy would want that for himself at a meeting like that?

Which brings me to the next topic of discussion: Why is there always a scarcity of Women speakers at business conventions like these? Most of the MIB speakers I listened to sucked and were downright patronizing.

Where are the Leading Ladies?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The spectacular Kick-off

I finally did it!
Finally took the time and the hassle to start up my blog. So much to say! Where to start??
Actually I should be in bed right now. I keep promising myself everymorning when I wake up tired and pissed at myself for making it such a long evening and a short night for the umpteenth time, that this has to stop.
Yet being an evening person as I am, I sit and hang around the PC or read that book till the wee hours of the morning.
I guess I just enjoy the peace and quiet of the late night hours. Sitting up alone and letting my thoughts run their course. Wondering what to put and what not to put on my blog, wondering how far one can go; Playing with the idea of privacy as opposed to publicity.
100 years ago a blog ( or a journal as it was then) was a private affair a sanctuary to commit your thoughts, a private confessional.
Nowadays it's something to share with all and sundry.
How things change.